ACO Grease Capture

AGC is designed for food service establishments where space is limited and a larger grease separator cannot be installed.

Automatically removes greases, oils and fats before entering drainage system to protect them from clogging.

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  • We will recommend a suitable size, provide installation and service, analyses and measurements.


Exceptionally efficient removal of greases, oils and fats thanks to a unique two-chamber separation and coalescent gap system.

  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Automatically removes greases, oils and fats into an external container, making it easy to dispose of them.
  • Separated fats can be recycled.
  • Protects the drainage system from recurring clogging.
  • Small size allows it to be installed directly at the source of contamination (sinks, combi steamer, etc.).

Two-chamber system

  • Maximum available area for separating greases, oils and fats within a given size of the grease separator is used
  • Patented

Coalescent chamber

  • Special patented solution supporting the jointing of smaller fat droplets into larger droplets
  • This unique feature ensures faster separation of fats and grease


AGC 50 AGC 100 AGC 150 AGC 200
1 Sink
1 Sink + Combi Steamer + Dishwasher
2 Sinks + Combi Steamer + Dishwasher
3 Sinks + Combi Steamer + Dishwasher
4 Sinks + Combi Steamer + Dishwasher
  • Easy and efficient maintenance – only 5 minutes a day.
  • No moving parts – nothing can be blocked or clogged.
  • Specially developed design and surface of the heating rod.
  • Unique internal shape of the device.

Maintenance instructions

  • Easy to handle during installation.
  • Movable inlet and outlet.
  • Low demands on equipment.
  • Directly at the source of contamination.

Installation manual

"Please do not hesitate to contact me for the recommended nominal size and other information."

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